Mobile-Optimized Lead-Gen Websites for Local Businesses

Why Should You Have a Mobile Website?

Everyone has a mobile phone and more and more people use their phone to search for you.
By 2014 the internet, as you now know it, will be predominately a mobile-web.
Is your business geared for this unstoppable change?

FACT: A typical normal website displays terribly in a users’ mobile phone browser.

Do you have a mobile website to Generate You LEADS & CUSTOMERS from MOBILE users?
Or is your site  a PAIN to navigate, to find your contacts, your coupons and to read your sales message?

And think of it, EACH TIME, when people search for your business solution on their mobile phones…


How Much More could you Earn if they could see what you offer faster, clearly  &
easily call you up?

Watch this video below to SEE how So Many Businesses Like Yours
Are Missing Out on Traffic from Mobile Local Search

Watch more video examples of how regular websites display on mobile phones V. a mobile compatible website.

See example features of the mobile optimized websites we build. Click on images below to enlarge them:

mobile website example_ easy click to call

Mobile website example – Easy click to call

mobile website example_ fits perfectly on any mobile phone

Perfect fit on any mobile phone & device 

mobile website example_ option for homepage navigation like an app

Optional homepage display – iPhone-like

mobile website example_ option for homepage navigation like an app -2

Optional iPhone-like homepage navigation

Mobile website example - online menu page

Mobile website example – online menu page

Mobile website example - Offer mobile coupons

Build your list and/or Offer mobile coupons

Mobile website with dynamic directions and location map

Mobile website incl. dynamic directions & location map

Your Mobile Website offers directions by car, bike or foot

Your Mobile Website offers directions to your location by car, bike or foot

Mobile website example - easily collect customer reviews

Mobile website example – Easily collect customer reviews & testimonials

Mobile enabled website example - custom contact form with spam protection

Mobile enabled custom contact form with built-in spam protection

We can also build you a Mobile landing page or squeeze page.

We can also build you a Mobile landing page or squeeze page.

Your mobile site can also support social media integration, viral marketing (FB like button, Google+1 and more),  integrating with an online order/reservations system you use, special landing page or product sales page, a blog (optional, if you want to write or use your mobile site for SEO pages or updates/news, ).


We’ll create for you a completely separate site, and redirect mobile users to it from your regular site.

Your mobile site will look great on all the latest handsets and focus on the features that mobile users want, ensuring a rewarding experience for them and a fatter bottom line for you.

What Do You Get With The Standard Mobile Website Package?

  1. We build you a mobile site that will display perfectly and cleanly on all mobile phones and make it easy for your mobile customers to quickly find what they need.
  2. Up to 7 content pages are included – this is what most businesses need. More than that and it might get too complicated for your mobile visitor.
  3. Images – we optimize your images for mobile display, and make you a header-banner too.
  4. Redirecting visitors – we place a sophisticated browser-detection redirection code on your current PC site as well as on your new mobile site, so that visitors coming to your site from a PC/Mac or mobile site will be sent to the correct site depending upon their browser.
  5. We add special Goodies you might need, like:  Click to Call buttons, map & driving directions, professional contact form, Paypal, Social media integration etc.
  6. vCard setup and placed on the site for easily placing all your contact info into their mobile phone.
  7. 2D/QR mobile barcode – up to 3 created for your marketing material.
  8. SEO Mobile – We highly optimize your mobile site for search engines and in addition create a sitemap, mobile sitemap & image sitemap and submit these to the search engines.
  9. SE Submission Included – We Submit your mobile (.mobi) site to 134 search engines and to mobile search engines.
  10. We’ll claim your Google place-page and set it up optimally/ enhance it.
  11. Domain name – is included. We secure the best possible domain name for you.
  12. 1Y premium managed business hosting on our lightening-fast servers is included!


Option 2 – The Premium Mobile Presence Package

The Premium Mobile Presence Package includes all above PLUS:
Your Mobile Site & Business Data Marketing – We list your mobile site and business in mobile & leading business directories, get you onto 411 operator services,  car navigation & hand-held GPS systems, local mobile social networks, local maps and much more. Full details upon request.

We Do It All & deal with all the technical stuff for you.

We make SURE your mobile site & business is seen on mobile, cars and online.

If you need a mobile responsive website – we can make you one as well.

Order Your Mobile Site >>

We also offer: Text-message (SMS) marketing and mobile advertising services.


Mobile Local Search – FACTS – Did you know that:

  1. The number of people who browse the Internet on their cell phones is constantly on the rise (as is the number of those who chose to have only a mobile internet contract, abandoning their landline one), with 4 times more people owning a mobile phone than a PC, and with a mobile phone constantly at their reach wherever they go.
  2. By 2013 over 56.2 million people will be using their iPhones and other smart phones and cell phones to search for local services – according to  The Kelsey Group
  3. If your website is not accessible via mobile search on mobile and smart phones, or is not mobile browser-friendly, YOU ARE probably LOSING a large portion of potential traffic and INCOME.

Therefore, you MUST have your website presented correctly for mobile searchers and your mobile website needs the right mobile website SEO, in order to be optimized and found on MOBILE Local Search.

We can help you with all that, so you don’t get left behind, in the dust of your competitors. And if they don’t have A MOBILE BUSINESS WEBSITE yet – all the better for you!

We’ll build you your mobile site FAST and cost effectively.

(We reserve the right to remove this low-cost special at any time soon without prior notice)

Our pricing is the most affordable for Small Local Businesses and Local Service Providers.

Read more: Why get an eCommerce enabled Mobile Site (mCommerce)?



  • Studies show that Mobile search intent of mobile visitors is 4-8 times higher than that of regular PC visitors.
  • Google expects the internet to turn into a MOBILE-WEB by 2014!
  • According to The Kelsey Group, a tenfold increase in the number of mobile Internet search users during the forecast period—from 5.2 million in 2008 to 56.2 million in 2013 is anticipated.

Why Have a Mobile Website & Mobile Business Presence?

Traditional websites offer mobile visitors an overall bad experiences, when it comes to viewing and navigating websites over their mobile phone. Websites that have not been optimized for mobile viewing are far too cluttered and negatively impact the mobile visitor’s ability to locate information.

Traditional [PC- browser] websites are designed to be viewed on a LARGE computer screen rather on a SMALL mobile phone. Most regular websites aren’t compatible with mobile devices.

Every single day more and more people use their mobile devices to access the Internet while on the go and this will grow, because mobile internet prices are dropping and smart phones are cheaper.

  • In fact, 1/3 of the world’s population uses their mobile devices to perform Internet searches.
  • 60% of smartphone users conduct local searches on the Internet using their cell phone.
  • 50% of all Internet searches for LOCAL products & services are performed from mobile devices.
  • Local searches for “location–based” services are expected to grow to more than 526 million by 2012.
  • According to BIA/Kelsey mobile local searches will make up 35% of all mobile searches by 2013.
  • 43% of search engine users are seeking a local business where they can buy offline.
  • With 2.6 billion local searches performed each month, the Internet now surpasses the print Yellow Pages and newspapers as the primary source of local service information.

You have 3-4 seconds to keep user on your website when they search for it using their mobile phone. If it looks like a mess and difficult to navigate you lost your potential customer on the spot.

It is therefore critical for local businesses who wish to tap into mobile traffic to have a strong and well optimized Local Mobile Presence.

Mobile-friendly websites tend to be favored by Google and by other search engines and receive higher mobile search engine rankings.

Mobile-friendly websites:

  1. Load faster, making the mobile visitor experience more positive and less likely to abandon your site.
  2. Show up higher in search engine results for local searches performed on mobile devices. This means that when people search for your type of product or service within your Geo-location, using their mobile device, you can show up higher in the results just because you have a mobile website. Having a mobile website is additional online real-estate.
  3. Give you an advantage over your competition, most of which are not even thinking yet of leveraging the powerful benefits of mobile marketing. The sooner you get your mobile website the bigger your advantage and the harder it will later on be for your competitors to out-rank you.
  4. Help you attract more customers by giving your mobile visitors a clean mobile site with all of the important information clearly and easily accessible.
  5. Make it much easier for “On the go” visitors to find your business and contact you with simple mobile click-to-call buttons,  instant directions and click-to-download vCard with all your information easily transferred into their phone!
  6. Can be viewed wherever mobile cell phone coverage is available. Due to the massive number of Internet-enabled mobile devices across the world (5 billion have a cell phone Vs. 1.4B who have a PC), this means your website can easily be exposed to millions of people, even if they have no computer.
  7. Can easily integrate with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+1 and YouTube and this can help boost your profits even more.
  8. Support selling over the phone – easy PayPal integration [or other mobile billing solutions] and can be used to sell [m-Commerce] items, services or to book a reservation.
  9. Can be used for lead capture, to grow your prospect list and integrate with SMS text marketing.
  10. Are the cornerstone for mobile advertising and mobile marketing strategy.

All-in-all, when your visitors are successful in finding what they need while visiting your mobile website, they’re more likely to come back. But if they land on a website that is all distorted, they’ll quickly run for the exit and make a mental note never to return. This might reflect badly on your image.

What This Means to Your Local Business:

  1. Phone helps convert MORE SALES. Mobile websites are the perfect tool to make your phone ring. (Especially important to have a Click-to-Call button/link for mobile visitors).
  2. More people search for your kind of business using their mobile phone.
  3. You must have a mobile website that is easy and simple to navigate and contact you etc.


One that works well on various mobile phones.

A Separate Website For Your Mobile Search Traffic Enables You To:

  • Have two completely different sites, each optimized for their target audience.
    • You can add to your mobile website multimedia content, integrated advertising, data capture fields, interactive polls, RSS content feeds, custom modules, viral marketing tools and much more.
  • Submit your mobile site to various mobile directories, social media mobile services.
  • Have additional “virtual real estate” online.
  • Optimize your business for mobile search so more people can find you.
  • Load your site faster on mobile phones. Remember, mobile internet browser is about as slow as dialup.
  • Benefit from unique mobile opportunities, such as having a button that people can click on their phone that will automatically dial the number for them!
    • You can also have us capture your visitor information and use follow-ups with email and/or SMS to increase your sales with:
      • Special offers, coupons
      • Promotions
      • Up/cross-selling
      • Customer newsletters
  • Many small-to-medium sized businesses are using mobile marketing and mobile CRM solutions to help them reduce costs (up to 30% cost saving), increase marketing response rates (up to 25% more), and improve the overall customer experience.

Order Your Mobi Web Site and Tap Into Mobile Traffic

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