NebulaDom – a Hans Witsenboer Outsourcing Startup in the Dominican Republic

Is The Dominican Republic the New Nearshore Outsourcing Location?

NebulaDom - A Software Development Company in The Dominican Republic

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As NebulaDom quietly launched its services this week, excitement stirs in the Dominican Republic. NebulaDom is a nearshore offshore outsourcing location, most convenient for the North American market, primarily USA.

For companies seeking to hire .Net developers, JAVA programmers or Java developers, NebulaDom, (A software development company in the Dominican Republic) offers unbeatable cost effectiveness with their on-demand, offsite dedicated senior Java/.Net programmers.


NebulaDom CEO Hans Witsenboer

NebulaDom CEO Hans Witsenboer

NebulaDom’s CEO, Hans Witsenboer, offers startups a shared risk engagement models and other means of reducing risk for both venture capital investors as well as for the companies involved.

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September 17, 2011

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